Characters are easy to perceive, remember and appreciate. They’re usually good, or evil. They’re usually hit or miss. They’re always binary. They are predictable. So, you can attach them to a definition.

When you’re saying, “Ohhh Rahul was your ex-colleague?! Haan I know Rahul from college. He’s such a sweet guy, yaar.” You don’t see Rahul as a human being, you see a character there.

A character succeeds quite easily in our world compared to a human being. It succeeds in office because the boss can rely upon a character — a character is adjectives personified. It succeeds in art…

If one day,
Somebody turns the switch,
And time starts moving backward,
How would the world be?

Zombies would be the start to life,
and you shall be buried inside your mother’s womb,
Your carefree days would mostly be bedridden,
And your last days the most exciting.

Accidents would unhappen,
And you’d wait for natural disasters to be unborn,
Diseases will suddenly attack at peak and die off with time,
Perhaps you’d start to live if you had died.
And that would all feel natural.
It will be all okay.

It will be all okay,
As leaves fly back onto empty…

A friend of mine called me the other day to ask about the questions that really matter. He was thinking about changing his career path to Data Science. I’ve kept myself involved in Machine learning projects for about 5 years now, currently working as a Data Scientist in a senior role at an Indian start-up. After about 20 minutes of discussion with him, I realised my chat with him from that day could help a lot of folks who’re thinking of becoming a Data Scientist / ML Engineer or equivalent.

So, here we are. Let’s begin. I’ll try to keep…

You and myself both serve as a consumer and a producer every day. As a consumer, we inhale all the information — through mails, newspaper, TV, and from fellow living and non-living entities around us. As a producer, we produce something that this world could consume. It could be a lesson (as a teacher), a device people could play with (as an engineer), a codebase that powers an application, a video on youtube, an image on instagram, a meal for dinner, or a blog post like this one.

Now, it is easy to see from this that the only way…

Bhavul Gauri

Occassionally writes poetry, thoughts and tech blogs when there are thought surges. Other times, I code, travel, build stuff with AI and enjoy art.

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